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Why “Madame Irma”?

“Madame Irma” is a character that children can embrace: with her glasses and her funny hair, she’s easy to recognise. Madame Irma is the kind of person you look up to at school, someone who teaches you things. And for French adults, she’s a famous fortune teller. So the perfect person to help our children understand time more clearly!

Where did the idea for the Madame Irma come from?

From a child obviously! The co-founder of Madame Irma, Adrien, has a daughter, and she couldn’t understand when her dad used to say “in a quarter of an hour”, or “not before 1 o’clock”. For her friends as well, it was gobbledygook… Not a problem! Her superdad and her Uncle Léopold found the solution by coming up with the Madame Irma method giving young children reference points in time.

Why 12 animals and 12 colours?

The Madame Irma method needs to be simple and adapted to children. So the watch is a watch… but made for kids: it has two different units for the hours and the minutes. That means that your little angel can quickly and clearly understand how time is broken down into two dimensions – colours for the hours and animals for the minutes – each one subdivided into 12 different units.

Can I just use the colours or the animals?

Yes, of course! The most important thing is that you adapt to your child. We actually recommend starting by separating the two hands while your child takes in the ideas, before combining the colours and the animals. Please feel free to refer to our method.

Aren’t children too young to have a watch? What are you doing to the innocence of their youth?

We are protecting it! That’s the point, our goal is to help children learn to understand time at their own pace. The idea is to give them reference points adapted to their stage of development, to be able to talk to them about how events are organised and days are structured. With this peace of mind, they will be able to make the most of right now. With all their innocence intact!

Do I need to take the watch off my child’s wrist when they have a bath?

The Madame Irma is designed to resist pressure of up to 5 bars in theory, so a depth of 50 metres. In practical terms, it is important to remember that other elements add to the pressure on the case, such as movements in the water for example, or the force of the water coming out of the shower. Madame Irma is absolutely able to deal with these restrictions, so your child can wear it in the water without any worries.

One other thing: in general, the watches are more sensitive to hot water. In this environment, finer particles might interfere more easily with the case. If you’d rather not take any risks at all, we recommend teaching your child to take the watch off before a bath.

How long does the battery last?

The battery included with your watch will last for around 3 years. It can be replaced by any jeweller/watchmaker.

Is the watch for boys or girls?

Both! We have different models, some more popular with girls, some with boys, and others aimed at both. Your child can choose!

What size is the strap? Can it be changed?

The strap is suitable for wrists with a circumference of between around 12.5cm to 17cm. It is 14mm wide. This is a standard size, so you can swap the strap with any other one with a lug 14mm wide.

Is it safe to pay with my credit card?

Yes, absolutely: our partner, Paypal, has been chosen for its reputation for security and professionalism. Please refer to their website for more details: www.paypal.com/fr/webapps/mpp/security/online-security-center.

How long will it take to arrive?

As quickly as possible! Depending on what time and day you place your order, it will be processed the same day or within 3 working days at most for Belgium, 10 working days for the European Union, and 20 working days for the rest of the world.

Will I be given a number to track my order?

Not at the moment: our current system does not let us send out tracking numbers automatically. If you would like a tracking number for your order, please send us an email to info@irmatime.com, and we will send you one as quickly as possible.

At Madame Irma there’s no such thing as a stupid question!

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