Madame Irma is a family affair.

The people behind Madame Irma are Adrien and Léopold, brothers so close they’re like two peas in a pod. They have always worked together, driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit and the same desire to innovate.

Madame Irma is also about Adrien’s daughter and Léopold’s nephew. Two little characters who were always asking questions about the concept of time, which for them, was pure gobbledygook. When her daddy explained when she would be going to play with her friend, Alice really wanted to understand: when is 4 o’clock? Where will we be in 20 minutes? Gabor would never let it go: in an hour is now, and in an hour it’s time for lunch! With their attention focused on these concepts of time, these children almost forgot to make the most of now…


Concerned about their little darlings’ wellbeing, Adrien and Léopold decided to put themselves in their shoes and create a useful tool to give them reference points in time. And so the Madame Irma watch was born… With the valuable feedback of Alice and Gabor, the method was honed to become even more effective. Alice now knows exactly when she will be meeting her friends at the park, and Gabor only has to glance at his watch to see that it’s nearly time for a snack.

Since it was created in 2013, the Madame Irma method has been adopted by many caring parents, godfathers, godmothers and grandparents who loved its flexibility and efficiency.

It is now used in many nursery schools.

What our customers think

«Since Madame Irma has been up on the classroom wall, my pupils don’t ask me anywhere near as many questions about time. At the beginning of each activity, I tell them it will last until such-and-such animal, and what we’ll do then. When they understand time, they stop worrying about it and can concentrate on what they are doing. Learning is made much easier for them.»

Louise, primary school teacher

« I looked into lots of learning tools before choosing. What I liked about the Madame Irma clock is its creative potential: together with my pupils, we can make up stories about Mr Rabbit or Mrs Hen. Even the character of Madame Irma is an integral part of the class! »

Stéphanie, primary school teacher

«When Arthur saw the parcel, he went mad. His eyes were wide with wonder when he saw the clock, and he ran off to find his sister. Very proud of himself, he started to explain how it worked. I was amazed: he’d only had his watch for a month!»

Solange, mum of Arthur (aged 5) and Laetitia (aged 7 and a half)

«As soon as we walked into the shop, she went straight to the watch. The pink one, obviously. She’s been obsessed with it ever since. The first time she asked me, “how many animals is it until we eat?”, I realised the value of this method. She understood the minute system all by herself!»

Rosalie, mum of Ernestine, aged 5

«We couldn’t cope anymore with him bounding into our bedroom at 6.15 shouting “it’s 7 o’clock!”. We had given him an alarm clock that lit up at 7 o’clock, but he worked out how to turn it off… and claimed that it had stopped working. However proud we were of his cunning, we were exhausted! With the Madame Irma clock, there’s no way to cheat: the time is the time! He got the hang of it straight away… and now he lets us sleep until 7 o’clock. Not every day, but near enough!»

Marc, dad of Quentin, aged 4 and a half

« We gave Adrien a Madame Irma watch for his 4th birthday. We are really surprised how quickly he learnt to tell the time: we were expecting it to be easier for him, but not that much! All of a sudden, he could concentrate on the mathematical side of learning, subtraction, division etc »

Luc et Marie, parents of Adrien, aged 7 and a half

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