A watch like the grown-ups wear, yes… But specially made for kids!

Our watch is specifically designed for 3-6 year olds.

1. One dial, two hands.

With its dial and its hands, the Madame Irma watch looks just like a grown-up’s. It will familiarise your child with the elements shared by any traditional analogue watch: the dial and the hands pointing to the units.

2. Specially adapted units.

When you look a bit closer, the Madame Irma watch is totally unique: there aren’t any numbers, but instead there are bright colours and fun animals. This isn’t just by chance: these concepts are familiar to your child, so they will be totally comfortable with them.

3. An educational way of breaking down time.

Because it’s made for kids, the Madame Irma watch has two different units for hours and minutes. This distinction is the educational principle used in schools to help children understand quickly and clearly the way time is divided in two dimensions.

Is it a watch, yes or no?

Yes… and no!

Dreamt up by parents for their children, the Madame Irma watch is designed to give children reference points in time to suit their stage of development. Using this, you can talk to your child about how events are organised and days are structured.
With this peace of mind, they will be able to make the most of right now.

Madame Irma’s superpowers

Aimed at budding heroes and adventurers in the making, Madame Irma has developed the superpowers she needs to fulfil her mission: to help children get the most out of life.

Resistance without any compromises.

Madame Irma knows all about the energy that kids have! The soft, resistant strap isn’t afraid of bumps, bites or scratches.
The cherry on the cake: it comes with a 2-year guarantee!

Reassuring, even at night.

Thanks to a pinch of magic and a healthy dollop of technology, the animals light up at night.
Great reassurance for your children: the monsters had better stay away!

Your children love water. So does Madame Irma.

Once their watch is on their wrist, your little angels won’t ever want to take it off. That’s why we’ve designed it the way we have: it’s perfectly happy in the pool or in the bath.
How about the sea? Like water off a duck’s back!

Do you want to introduce your child to Madame Irma?

Get one for them today

Let one come to them

The family is growing!

The Madame Irma clock: a big sister worthy of the name.

A friend for all the family.

Fun and great to look at, the Madame Irma clock works on the same principle as our watch. Hung on the wall in your kitchen or your living room, it will become the point of reference for the whole family to talk about time and organise everything together, young and old alike.

A powerful educational tool.

Based on the same method as our watch, the Madame Irma wall clock is the perfect learning tool for teaching children how to understand time.

A winning combination.

Paired with its little sister, the Madame Irma clock works ten times better! Your child will only learn faster to get their bearings in time.